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The Municipality of Uspantan San Miguel is located in the northern part of the Department of El Quiche.  The territorial extension of this municipality is approximately 1,500 square kilometers.  The town of Uspantan is located at an altitude of 1,825 meters above the sea level.  Uspantan is a small town with neatly paved streets and relatively modern infrastructure.  It takes approximately seven hours to reach Uspantan by car from the Guatemala City.  Uspantan has a Chamber of Commerce that will provide you information commercial and economic information of the area.  In addition, the Chamber of Commerce of Uspantan manages an Internet Business Center with international video conferencing facilities.


Road to Uspantan

On the roads toward Cunen and Uspantan

Panoramic, Uspantan Plaza

Main Church in Town Plaza

Main Church in Town Plaza

Central Plaza

Municipality Palace


Street in Uspantan

Municipality Palace

Inagurating 1st Internet Center in Uspantan

Inauguration of the 1st Business Center in Uspantan

1st Chamber of Commerce of Uspanta, Cunen & Chicama

1st Internet Center

Children using the Internet

Hotel Casa Blanca at the entrance of Uspantan


Guatemala In Pictures

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